Is your website up to date?

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Is your website up to date?

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Depending on your industry or area of expertise many people are heading straight to your website to find out about you and what services you offer. This is great news. Educated and pre-qualified buyers are perfect for your business. They know what they need, make quicker decisions and if they like your business they’ll become great return customers.

The downside however is that if your website is out of date then your buyer is educated with old or inaccurate information. Then when they reach out to you to buy or engage you, you’ve wasted their time and damaged your first impression and level of trust. It would be like walking into a store and being given a sales catalogue from 3 months ago, or a menu which is out of date with many of the options no longer available.

It’s imperative that you have a website that’s easy to update, easy to remove old information from and that you regularly keep it up to date. Great websites even allow you to set dates and times that content is available. For example, if you’re a florist running a Mother’s Day Promotion, then the promotion would automatically finish on Mother’s Day with no action from you. Your clients who visit your website the next day won’t be presented with the outdated promotion.

We include professional functionality like this into your website as standard so with a couple of extra button clicks you’ll have your customers trusting that your website only contains the most up to date information.