Don’t forget about your email address.

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Don’t forget about your email address.

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We pride ourselves on being a full solution service. This means when you come to us you get everything you need to maintain a great online presence.

I know companies that will charge $10,000 or more for a great website – and they do look amazing – but within 12 months they’re full of security holes, out of date and the person or business who spent the money is still using a gmail email address instead of operating an email address under the same name as their website. Do you know what I mean? If the business is called Wendy’s Widgets and the domain is then the email should be and not or

Firstly, it’s far more professional to maintain an email address using your domain name. Secondly, if the business grows then it’s easy to add a second, third or fourth email address using the domain. Plus, you can create and and have those emails go to the right people in your business.

When those people in your business reply to enquiries then customers will easily recognise your domain name and know it’s you. Lastly, and this is getting a little more technical, but using a domain name gives you a much higher chance of bypassing SPAM filtering. It’s never great when you email a client and your email ends up in their SPAM folder for them to never see.

Whether it seems like a small thing or not, often little things like these make a difference when it comes to growing your customer base and building trust. Our advice, go with an email address that matches your professional image and the brand you’re building.