Green Padlock – What is it and why is it important?

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Green Padlock – What is it and why is it important?

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What exactly is this?

So, you may have noticed this green padlock or something similar in your web browser address bar. If you look to the top of this page you should see it now.

That padlock actually serves two purposes but first a little background. The initial design of the internet was one of trust. There was only a few computers and they were all trusted by default, so were the users using them. That meant the early days of the internet were pretty safe. A bit like leaving your front door unlocked in a small country town.

Now the internet is more like a massive city, except with billions of people and not everyone is well intentioned and some people are just out to cause trouble. As I said, the Green Padlock indicates two things.

1. The padlock indicates that the connection between you and the website you’re on is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. This means you can securely log into your Internet Banking or put your Credit Card Details into the website and trust nobody is able to intercept and read your details as they traverse the internet.

2. Now this second part varies between different browsers, but the padlock being green means that the website is trusted by your browser. It means you can be certain that the website you are connected to is actually who they claim to be. For example, when you connect to your Internet Banking, you can check the padlock to be sure that it really is your bank and not someone pretending to be your bank to steal your details.

It’s important to have such protection configured on your website. This is done by installing an SSL Certificate which has been digitally signed by a trusted Certificate Authority. ¬†This secures your site for ecommerce, secures your passwords and as an added benefit, Google is now favouring sites with SSL security. This means if you want customers to find you, security on your website is considered a good thing.

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