Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a much more important than many people really consider.Many of the cheap hosting options on the internet are suitable of personal use but when it’s time to get serious, hosting your website in an offshore data centre with limited access and limited support to the company doesn’t really work.

We make use of Australian Data Centres which is perfect for business in Australia. Your customers will experience your website as quick and responsive. We all hate websites which take too long to load and the statistics about lost business from a slow website are damning.

Not all hosting is created equal and as such we have a range of options available to you to ensure your website is always able to meet your needs and your clients needs. ¬†Firstly, we’ll host your website on infrastructure which makes sense for your business and the demand on your website. Secondly, we’ll work with you to grow with you as your website demand grows. Having a website and web hosting is by no means set and forget but we’ll keep an eye on things for you and let you know when it’s time to reassess.

Included in your hosting:

  1. Software and Operating System Patching.
  2. Regular backup for Website data.
  3. 99.99% uptime or you don’t pay when your site is down.
  4. Free technical support.

Now if none of that makes any sense to you, that’s ok. We can take the time to explain it all or simply handle it for you.

Our minimum hosting plan which includes 1GB disk storage and 10GB monthly data and the above 4 inclusions is perfect for a small business, restaurant, photographer or similar. It will easily handle up to a few thousand visitors per month. The price for this $25 per month.

Beyond the minimum, really anything is possible. Additional bandwidth, additional storage, quicker servers with more RAM and horizontal scaling to allow for peak demand on your website. You may be in a position where your website is mentioned and suddenly receives a surge of traffic. Knowing it can handle the surge might be just what you need.

Lastly if you need incredible uptime on your web site and services we can distribute your data geographically too ensuring your website is virtually never down.

If you’re in doubt, or maybe know exactly what you need, or you’re somewhere in between get in touch with us and let us know what we can do for you.